"With his relaxed physicality, resonant voice and calculated scruffiness, Gay’s Jake is an irresistible jerk—charming, self-destructive, the ultimate bad boy. He is too much, too dangerous for Deborah, like Hamlet and Ophelia. "

Jayne Blanchard - DC Theatre Scene

"Robbie Gay embodies the role of Jake, inside and out. With looks that can rival Tom Cruise and a fitting personality of a tormented, troubled star, Robbie takes this bad to the bone character to the limit...The chemistry between Robbie and Krenee is so on target that you can cut the dramatic tension with a knife."

Mark Beachy - MD Theatre Guide

"Gay is terrific as the despairing, dissolute, sardonic Jake "

Celia Wren - The Washington Post

"...thanks to the natural charisma and appeal of the actor playing Jake. Robbie Gay projects the character's angst and dark inner doubts as well as the wry, boyish charm that got him where he is and the glib, aloof manner that has been his undoing. "

John Harding - DCMetroTheaterArts

"Gay, as the dashing Hannay, makes a great fish-out-of-water hero who has great chemistry with the dames, even if they frustrate him. He has some great moments of physical slapstick, but he's just as
funny reacting to the craziness. "

Judith Cookis Rubens - Encore Michigan

"Gay proves a genius at physical comedy..."

Susie Potter - Triangle Arts & Entertainment

"Robbie Gay is a charming comic actor, with a gift for slapstick a la Dick Van Dyke."

Robert W. McDowell - Triangle Arts & Entertainment

"Gay is the master of physical comedy."

Janice Burton - upandcomingweekly.com

"Robbie Gay’s ebulliently folksy portrayal of Pa...lends soul to the production."

Celia Wren - Washington Post

"Hyla Matthews and Robbie Gay are rock solid in their portrayals ... Gay as Pa is a perfect stand-in for Michael Landon, complete with playful expressions, mannerisms and charm, perfect for animated and delightful storytelling. "

Debbie Jackson - DC Theatre Scene

"Robbie Gay as Pa Ingalls gave a stellar performance. He was engaging and focused on attempting to provide for his family despite the pitfalls nature sometimes brings."

Laura and Mike Clark - ShowBizRadio

"Robbie Gay is sweetly charming as jittery, naive Justin, his rubbery body capable of a hundred expressive positions."

Roy C. Dicks - The News And Observer

"Gay portrays a sweet naiveté that beards his prowess at golf, and his attachment to his fiancé, Louise, is touching and genuine, especially in such broad comedy."

Martha Keravuori and Chuck Galle - BOOM! Magazine

"Robbie Gay is charming as Ensign Lovely, a sweet-natured gent who's devoted (somewhat inexplicably) to the prickly Valeria."

Sophie Gilbert - Washingtonian

"...winningly virile supplicants, such as Robbie Gay's Ensign Lovely"

Peter Marks - The Washington Post

"Robbie Gay is the embodiment of the debonair, self-confident hero, but he also knows how to wink at the Monty Python-like absurdities, allowing the audience in on the jokes. "

Roy C. Dicks - The News And Observer

"  ...with her beloved teacher, Mr. Slinger, played winningly by Robbie Gay. "

Debbie Jackson - DC Theatre Scene

"Gay embodied the straight-laced school administrator. Hilarious definitions and sentences he gave for the spelling bee words were nearly worth the price of admission."

Rodger Mullen - The Fayetteville Observer

"Fortunately, there existed no real weak links within the main cast, but the obvious standouts were actors Gay and Mislan, who were kind of hard not to watch while on stage"

James Johnson - The Fayetteville Feed

"Robbie Gay gets credit for not going overboard as Kate's friend Phyllis or the gender-blending marriage counselor Leslie. He's also hilarious as Tom, the advice-dispensing dog owner who befriends Greg."

Roy C. Dicks - The News And Observer

"...actor Robbie Gay, adds three side-splitting comic cameos as the male chauvinist philosopher/dog lover Tom, ... as Kate’s prissy Vassar College classmate and best friend Phylliss, ...and as the weirdly androgynous marriage counselor Leslie, ...Leslie likes to explore “gender identification” issues, however discomforting and disconcerting that might be to his/her clients, and that gives Robbie Gay a meaty role that he turns into a feast of fun."

Robert W. Mc Dowell - The Classical Voice.com

"Along with Robbie Gay, who gleefully plays three summer-campy roles—a man, a woman and someone deliberately in between"

Adam Sobsey - The Independent Weekly

"Robbie Gay is also exceptional as Hammond. ...Gay turns in a very funny performance as the wisecracking critic. Often, it is his timing and his ability to react to the other actors that carries a shaky moment through to the next laugh. "

Rob Cline - Gazette Online